Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Everyone's A Ripper

In just a few days, my hubby and I will set sail with about 100 soon to be quilting friends on a quilting cruise to the Western Caribbean!  I am beyond excited to escape this dreadful winter weather we're still having here in suburban Chicago, not to mention spending our days at sea with quilters, and fellow teachers Julie Hendricksen of JJ Stitches and Carol Hopkins of Carol Hopkins Designs!!  I'm so jazzed about the fun week ahead.

If this sounds like fun to you, too, please join us next year as we will again set sail for a Civil War cruise to new and exciting destinations!  Joining me next year are fellow Marcus Fabrics designer and friend, Paula Barnes of Red Crinoline Quilts, and Connie Tesene of Country Threads!!!  What a terrific line-up!!  

We will sail the Western Caribbean starting from Galveston, TX, then onto Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica!  Three awesome quilt projects for you to create while at sea.  

Click here for all the 2019 Civil War cruise details from Stitchin' Heaven Quilt Shop and Travel.
In between ordinary business, putting the finishing touches on my 2019 BOM and final Vintage Patchwork book edits, I've been working with my friend and co-worker Debbie to piece my Primitive Threads quilt.   I'm presently working on the Flying Geese border and was merrily sewing them together.  I always measure my units and to my horror, discovered none of them measured what they should!  UGH!!!  No, no, no, no, no!  What is wrong??  

I determined it was the rulers fault (liar liar pants on fire) and not the maker, that all the gorgeous taupe squares were cut 1/8 inch too small.  Uh huh.  Needless to say, I spent an evening with my seam ripper and a glass of Pino Noir.
After having a talk with my ruler to set it straight, new taupe squares were cut and piecing the Flying Geese has resumed with a much better end result.  All quilters...all of us....spend time ripping.  It's part of the experience, albeit one we'd rather not have.
If you've been thinking about making my Primitive Threads quilt for yourself, you still have until tomorrow morning to PRE-ORDER the quilt kit and get the pattern free and reduced shipping.

Click here to view Primitive Threads quilt kit details.

Orders will be shipped when the fabric comes in, now scheduled for late May or early June.  That is the same schedule when you can look for it at your local quilt shop....and please do look for it there!!  

As soon as I can post photos of the quilt I will.  We have to have it done before I leave for the cruise so we can pass it along to Val to be quilted.  So...that means I better get back to my sewing machine.  

Hope you are able to spend some time with your sewing machine and NOT your seam ripper! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Announcing My First Book!!! Vintage Patchwork!!!

This was one of the hardest secrets to keep for the last year, but today.....I get to share the news that my first book with Martingale Publishing is coming soon!!  Yippee!!!  I'm so jazzed to tell you all about it!!  Here's the book cover....and I love it!

I challenged myself to see how many pieced projects I could create out of just one 10" x 10" precut of fabrics.  Yup....buy yourself one 10" x 10" bundle and make a bunch of quilts and pinkeeps.  How many projects, you ask?

Well....how about TWELVE!!  

It won't surprise you that I chose to make all of the projects from a 10" x 10" precut of my own fabric.... Pam's Prairie Basics collection (for Marcus Fabrics), which gave me a whole lot of colors and prints to work with.  

My Prairie Basics 10" x 10" precut will be available when the book is released and for some time afterward, so you can make your projects just like mine!

Some of the quilts are doll sized and I had great fun piecing them.  Some are what I'm calling "bookshelf" size.  They're teeny, tiny sweet little pieces of patchwork that I love to display in small spaces here and there.  There are also some really great pinkeeps to make for your collection.  

Soon....I'll be able to share photos of all of the projects in the book.  But...for now at least, I can share what the book cover looks like.  I'm just thrilled to be a part of the Martingale family!  

Vintage Patchwork will be released in October, just in time for fall quilt market.  I can hardly wait!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Special Offers On Primitive Threads Quilt Kit & Bundles

It won't be too long now until my new Primitive Threads fabrics will be delivered to your local quilt shop!!  So jazzed and excited about this very special collection, and it seems many of you are jazzed about it as well.  I've had a lot of email inquiries and requests for a kit for this quilt.

First of all.....please, please ask for this fabric collection and quilt pattern at your local quilt shop.  You know I want you to always shop there first!!!  It's very important to support our quilt shops because we want them to be around for years and years to come.  Many shops will be kitting this quilt, too.  Primitive Threads is due to arrive in your LQS in May.  

For many of you, your LQS is hundreds of miles away from home and/or doesn't carry historic prints...so...with that in mind, I have two special offers for you!

I am taking ***PRE-ORDERS*** for both the Primitive Threads quilt kit and Fat Quarter bundles!

Click here to place your order for a Primitive Threads Fat Quarter bundle.  You'll only be charged $5.50 shipping....anywhere in the U.S.!!  
My special for the Primitive Threads quilt kit is....with this PRE-ORDER only....receive the quilt pattern FREE and pay only $5.50 shipping anywhere in the U.S.!

Click here to read more details about the Primitive Threads quilt kit.

Special offers are for a limited time.  Order no later than Tuesday, April 17th to be guaranteed a quilt kit and/or bundle.  

Your order will ship in May as soon as I receive the fabric.  I know how anxious you are to receive your quilting goodies (I'm the same way!) so I do my best to get your items to you as soon as possible.  

Thank you for your continued support of my patterns and fabric.  Because of YOU I am able to continue to bring you traditional quilt patterns and historic fabrics through Marcus Fabrics!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I can finally share the first quilt in my new Tokens of the Past: Yuletide Greetings pattern called Deck The Halls.

This was great fun to design as I played with the different colors and shades of each fabric.  I added a twist throwing in the black triangles and set the quilt center on point.  Love, love how it turned out!!  

And now...the quilt top is off to my quilter, Ronda.  This is quilt two of three included in the Yuletide Greetings pattern, and hopefully, when I return from my trip to Massachusetts,  the third one will be complete as well.  

The quilts feature my Pieceful Pines fabric collection and are made using one 10" x 10" precut plus additional yardage for blocks, borders, and other fun stuff.  The pattern and precuts will be available in May....I think.  It won't be too much longer!
My Primitive Threads sample yardage arrived on Monday and I've begun starching the yardage in preparation of making the quilt.  I won't be able to begin piecing the quilt until I return from MA which is kinda killing me!  I am so looking forward to the trip...but...I have brand new fabric and want to play with it!  Sigh.....too many good things all happening at once....champagne problems, Pam!

Look for special offerings for Primitive Threads in my next post!!  

Until then....don't worry...stitch yourself happy!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Secret Sewing and a Road Trip

Busy doing some secret sewing this week.   These cutie pieces are for one of three quilts in my new 

Tokens of the Past: Yuletide Greetings pattern...coming soon!

The good folks at Marcus Fabrics are preparing 10 inch precuts of my Pieceful Pines fabrics, and I am making three quilts using one 
10 inch precut plus yardage for borders, binding and such.

Can't wait to share the quilts designs with you.....soon.  It shouldn't be too long....I hope...I think.  

In the meantime, I'm about to pack boxes and suitcases to do some traveling. 

First up is a visit to Cape Cod....be till my heart!   I love Cape Cod and am very anxious to return.  My hubby and I will be visiting Boston, too, and then home for a month.    I will be visiting the Bayberry Quilter Guild of Cape Cod March 27th thru 29th.  Lecture and workshops will be at Our Lady of the Cape Church, Brewster, MA.  I'd love to see you if you're in the Cape Cod area.

In April, I'll be boarding the Liberty of the Seas to teach on a Carribbean quilting cruise along with fellow designers and friends Julie Hendricksen of JJ Stitches and Carol Hopkins of Carol Hopkins Designs!!  What fun!!  Looking forward to the warm weather and sunshine.

If you missed out on going on this years cruise, fear not!  
I have been invited to return for a 2019 cruise with fellow Marcus Fabrics quilt designer and friend, Paula Barnes of Red Crinoline Quilts and Connie Tesene of Country Threads!  Wow!  Another awesome line-up.  

Cruise dates are April 7 thru 14th cruising to Galveston, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.  

If you're interested...don't wait to contact Stitchin' Heaven Travel and get your name on the list.  You can reach them at 903/638-6915 and at StitchinHeavenTravel.com

Think about it...what fun, good food, great destinations and 3 wonderful quilts all await you!

Later this year, I'll be giving lectures and workshops in Georgia, Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee.  I'll post more news on these trips as time grows closer.

Back to secret sewing.  Oh...and I'm still quite diligent spending one hour early in the morning on my super secret scrappy project!  I'm 1/3 of the way there!  Progress feels so good.

Be well.....

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Pieceful Pines Fabric Arrives!!

Pieceful Pines BOM ~ Quilt & fabric designed by Pam Buda ~ Heartspun Quilts
for Marcus Brothers Fabrics
This week, my Pieceful Pines fabrics are arriving at your LQS!!  So exciting!  Sign-ups continue for the Block of the Month program....have you signed up yet??  

The program will begin in April and there are lots of shops participating!  Give your LQS a call and ask for Pieceful Pines or Google it to find a participating shop.  It's such a fun quilt to make.

I cut a bunch of Fat Quarter bundles and they're ready to ship for your piecing pleasure.  
There's a very nice assortment of reds.....
Lights prints and tone-on-tones......
Assorted greens and one black print.  

Look for all of these prints at your local quilt shop....you know I want you to support your local shop!!

But...if you can't find it near you, you can order from my website here.  

I've designed 3 new quilts for a new Tokens of the Past pattern using the 10 inch precut of Pieceful Pines and am presently piecing them.  Can't wait to show you!!  

In the meantime....get your happy on with needle and thread.  Advice I think I'll take myself!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

More Primitive Threads

Primitive Threads quilt and fabrics designed by Pam Buda ~ Heartspun Quilts
for Marcus Brothers Fabrics
As promised....I wanted to share more of what inspired my new Primitive Threads fabric collection and more of the prints in the line that I hope you'll be asking for at your local quilt shop.  
One of the perks of fabric designing is having a collection of antique quilts and this one sure is a cutie!  
It's hand pieced and hand quilted and loaded with Make-Do blocks....which to know me it to know I love Make-Do quilts!!  (Read more info about Make-Do quilts here.)
A closer inspection of the patchwork reveals this super cute little star flower....perfect for Primitive Threads!
This little print is made in three colors....a neutral, a brown and blue multi-color print.  So super sweet!  (Truth is...I would have loved it in every color!!)  I call this print Star Flower Toss.
As you might imagine....you can't find everything you want in antique fabrics.  Sometimes, you have to design them from scratch, and that's the case with the star print above.  I love the old iron stars you see on the outside of old buildings and used that star as inspiration for the print above called Starry Skies.  (Another print I would have dearly love in every color!)
Having a collection of folky~prim neutrals was important as well, and I recolored this print (an absolute favorite of mine) in a warm beige background and super soft taupe.  It looks prim and vintage and is called Picotage Petals.  (Picotage is the name for all the tiny, fine dots you see in the leaves and stems, and is a common design element in vintage fabric.)
The last print I want to share with you is another print I designed from scratch.  I have long wanted to have a fabric like this and Primitive Threads was just the right collection for it!  This print is called Primitive Linen.  Produced in two versions of beige background, it gives just the softest crinkle-y vintage look to patchwork.....oh so yummy!!!  I wanted a fabric that would give patchwork a wonderful aged feel.  The crinkle pattern is so subtle, and yet the fabric does not look flat like a solid or muslin would.  Playing with it in sample blocks.... it made the other fabrics in the block look even better!  I am so happy to finally have Primitive Linen - I'm doing a dance of JOY on the front lawn.  (Well...not really because it wouldn't be pretty.  Just sayin'!)

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little of the fabric design process in these two posts about Primitive Threads and you like what you see!!  My sample fabrics will arrive soon and I'll post some sewing progress while making the quilt.  Watch Facebook and Instagram for some photos, too.

Primitive Threads should arrive at your LQS in April!!  Click here to see all of the Primitive Threads fabrics.

Counting the days until Spring arrives!!  Be well.....stitch happy.  

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

First Peek At Primitive Threads!

Primitive Threads quilt ~ Designed by Pam Buda for Heartspun Quilts
and Marcus Brothers fabrics.
Introducing my Primitive Threads quilt!  

Boy...this feels so good!!  I tell ya....working in secret is hard sometimes, so when it's finally time to share....I can hardly contain myself!

This quilt features the entire Primitive Threads fabric collection (for Marcus Fabrics) and uses a black print as the neutral background.  I designed two taupe fabrics that I used in the pieced border of the quilt and another I used in all of the blocks.  (I have plans for even more quilts using these taupe fabrics.  I'm so in a taupe mood these days!)

When choosing fabrics for a primitive collection, I knew I wanted darker, muted colors....prints that had a folk art feel to them, and absolutely had to have some stars!  What's primitive without stars??  I also wanted the prints to fit in nicely with other historic prints.  So....let's take a look at some of the Primitive Threads fabrics and the antique fabrics that inspired them.

Several years ago, I acquired parts of a potholder quilt.  Just holding it is so sweet and dear.
I have several long pieces with six blocks, a couple of twin blocks and some single blocks...all with the same red binding print.  I'm not sure how old they are.  I think the fabrics in the blocks may be older than the binding, but I'm not sure.  All I know is.... they're old!  
This brown print has been one of my favorites since I've owned these historic pieces, and I thought it fit into the folk art theme I was going for.  I just love the whimsical feel of the flowers.
It was the perfect choice for the main black background print of the quilt I designed because that print needs to read as a 'solid', and could not have any direction to the pattern.  Yet...I didn't want a true solid....I wanted something more fun and interesting.  It was perfect!  It turned out so great, we printed it in four colors.  For the black version, the actual floral print is in a soft brown so it will be seen just a bit, but doesn't change the overall color of the black fabric.  The red is actually a darker cranberry color, blue is a navy and the light is a soft warm beige.  The red, blue and beige are all tone on tone and are much prettier than this photo makes them to be.  (You know me and my camera....sigh....so hard to capture what the colors really are!!)  This print is called Folk Art Flower.  
I used another print in the potholder quilt that I am just wild over!!  It's so faded, but you hope you can see how sweet the little star flowers are.  It just screamed folky and primitive to me!
Here's how that sweet print turned out!  I LOVE IT!!!  Honestly....please see these fabrics at your local quilt shop.  My photos just don't do them justice.  This print is called Folk Art Garden.
I thought I'd add this photo of the back of the potholder pieces for those of you who like to study old quilts.  The blocks do not have any batting in them, and the quilting is just along the edges of the crazy piecing.  I think it's just precious.  

Any guesses how old the potholder quilt pieces are??

I'll show you more Primitive Threads fabrics and their antique fabric inspirations in my next post.  Hope you like what you see so far.

Primitive Threads fabrics should be arriving to your local quilt shop in April....so please....be sure to ask for them there.  It's so very important that we support our quilt shops!!  

Better get to work on the new things I'm dreaming up for your stitching pleasure.  Be well....

Friday, February 16, 2018

Introducing My Primitive Side

When, in my last post, I hinted that my next fabric collection was something kinda new for me, did you think primitive?

Yes!!  Primitive Threads is my next collection for Marcus Fabrics!!  

Actually, primitive is not out of character for me at all when you know from where the inspiration for the collection came.
Antiquing is one of my passions with emphasis toward nineteenth century antiques.  I have several antique shows I attend where all items for sale are from the eighteenth and nineteenth century.   I thoroughly enjoy admiring the hand-crafted workmanship of the antiques as most of them are handmade.  Our early American ancestors were big time "Makers".

The book above is a favorite of mine.  American Country is a series of books published in the 1990's by Time-Life publications.  (I've found the books at antique shows and shops, and on eBay.)  This one is all about American folk art and I just love browsing the pages.  The cover is a lovely collection of hand made and hand painted items of true Folk Art.  The colors are dark but soft and warm.  I'm smitten!
Among the many items showcased in the book are hooked rugs. The designs and the colors speak to me.  Oh....to own one of these beauties!!  I'll have to admire and not acquire!!
Of course quilts are a huge part of folk art....as is the color black.  Black seems to be the perfect neutral to show off all other colors.  Even if you're not as fond of black as I am, a little black in a room really sets things off.  
Like the book's cover photo, this photo of shelves of folk art sums the look perfectly.  

I am fortunate to own a few true handmade pieces of American folk art....treasures to be sure.  I am smitten with the makers desire to create beautiful things from ordinary everyday items.  They dipped brushes in paint, carved wood, cut paper and put needle and thread to work to make a truly unique class of art, although I don't believe they thought of it as art the same we do now. 

Items such as nineteenth century game boards, whirlygigs, Tole and Fraktur painting, wood carved and painted toys and banks, Sgraffito pottery, painted furniture, samplers, homemade dolls and pieced and pictorial quilts all serve as inspiration for this new primitive collection.

In my next post, I'll show you the fabrics in the collection and some of the original nineteenth century antique fabric prints that I chose to replicate.  I'll also share the quilt I designed featuring the entire collection.  I'm so jazzed for you to see it!!

In the mean time, you can click here to visit the Marcus Fabrics website for a sneak peek at the fabrics!!  

I am very happy to honor our American Folk Art heritage with the Primitive Threads collection!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

Quilts from Tokens of the Past: Gathering In Red pattern
Wishing you all a love filled and 
Happy Valentine's Day
 Have you been able to piece your little Valentine quilt?  Time has passed so quickly!  Wasn't it just New Years??  Ugh!  

So many quilts.....so little time.

While we're still on the subject of working with tiny pieces, I thought you might like to read a blog post from a fellow quilter who received the little Valentine kit above and had never worked with such small pieces.  I found it very inspiring!  Click here to read.

Enjoy this day with those you love!

Monday, February 12, 2018

How Tiny Is Tiny??

It was such fun reading all of your comments  telling of the many rewards and perils of piecing tiny blocks.  

Tiny...being subjective, of course!

The poll was very telling as well.  186 of you voted giving your answer to this question:

What is the smallest size Four Patch you are willing to make?

Here's the results:

47% said 1 inch
19% said 1.5 inches
24% said 2 inches
2% said 2.5 inches
5% said 3 inches

Amazing isn't it?!!  Seems those of us who love tiny are in the majority!  Or...it was the majority of tiny piece quiltmakers who took part in the poll.  Anyway...we're in good company!

If you have a chance, grab a cup of coffee and read the comments to my last post.  You are all so funny, gracious and generous to share your experiences.  You really make my day!  I am also awed and inspired at how many of you are comfortable piecing units and blocks finishing less than 1 inch!!!  WOWSERS!!!  I must try that as well...even if I only make a bunch of Four Patches.  

I'd like to thank all of you for taking the time to leave a comment.   I appreciate it so very much.  I chose three winners who will receive a copy of my Tokens of the Past: Two Color Classics pattern, featuring three quilts with small blocks finishing to 2, 2.5 and 3 inches.  

The winners are.....

Material Girl

I am working on way too many projects- quilts,bags, wallets......Need I say more? I love,love,love scrappy projects but the smallest 4 patch that I am willing to make is 1". The smallest hst that I will make is 1/2". I don't enjoy paper piecing at all but if you make blocks smaller than 1/2", the seam allowance is just ridiculous to deal with.

Karen in Ohio

My favorite sewing projects are small quilts. I piece on the Featherweight and then hand quilt them. I make for the holidays and for gifts for friends and family. I am always looking for the next project(s) as usually I have more than 1 going at the same time. I will use one inch pieces. I love your quilts, fabrics and patterns. Thanks!


Love your mini 9-patch quilt and I'm looking forward to the reveal of your super secret scrappy project when it's time! I've never made anything as small as your 1.5" finished blocks, but it would be fun to try a 2" finished block. I do better when I can focus on one project at a time (otherwise nothing gets finished!). I admire you multi-taskers! Thanks for a chance to win one of your patterns.

Please email me with your mailing address - Pam@HeartspunQuilts.com

Speaking of piecing very tiny  blocks and making very small quilts, you may really enjoy reading my friend Janet's blog.  She is very experienced and talented at working with tiny pieces and very recently wrote an excellent blog post all about how to bind a small quilt with single fold binding.  Very informative and helpful!

Click here to read Janet's blog.  While you're there, scroll through past blog posts for loads of photos and inspiration of the many, many small quilts Janet has made.  You'll find a lot of her work on Pinterest.

Later this week....I'll be sharing news and photos of my next fabric line.  It's a bit different and something new from me!  I can hardly wait to share!!  

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tiny Nine Patch Quilt Finished!

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo of this little Nine Patch quilt when I completed the top.  Now that it's back from being quilted, I wanted to share a photo of the finished quilt.  I love it!!  

There's something just so wonderful about scrappy quilts.  I love the process of digging through my scraps to find just the right fabrics to pair together.  We all have those prints that are our favorites and I'm no exception.  Seems those favorite fabrics make it into every scrap quilt I make!  Do you find you do that, too?  That's our love, if not obsession, with fabric, and why we  never have too much of it!  

Presently, along with working on my super secret scrappy project early every morning, I'm also cutting and sometimes piecing the parts of five other scrap quilts at the same time.  Because scrappy is so labor intensive, I am making the most of the opportunity when I choose, starch and cut each piece.  Why dig through your scraps and stash again and again?  So, with that in mind, I have a little list of what to cut for each quilt.  I must be organized and make the best use of my precious sewing time.  More on this subject when the super scrappy secret project is revealed later this year.

The Nine Patch blocks in the quilt above finish to 1.5 inches.  My next teeny, tiny quilt will be a simple Four Patch, with blocks finishing to 1 inch!!  

That has me wondering....what is the smallest Four Patch block you are willing to make?  

Notice I didn't say "comfortable" making....I know bigger is more comfy.  So, I want to know if you set out to make a little scrappy Four Patch quilt, what is the smallest size finished Four Patch you will make?

I have a poll on the side bar of my blog where you can cast your vote....and please do!  It will be fun to see the stats.  Click here to see the poll.

And....if you leave me a comment about the smallest size and/or how many scrappy quilts you might work on simultaneously, I will choose a few people to receive my newest.....

Tokens of the Past: Two Color Classics 

pattern, which features small blocks from 2 inches to 3 inches finished, FREE!

Friends reading this post living outside of the US are welcome to comment as well.

I'll choose a winner or two over the weekend.  

Off to dive into more scraps!  

Monday, January 29, 2018

Happy 25th Anniversary American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine!!!

American Patchwork & Quilting magazine marks quite a milestone in April, celebrating their 25th anniversary!!  WOW!!  You may have noticed the celebration already began with the February issue and will continue all through out the year.

The April issue is the anniversary issue, and I am so excited to be a part of it!  The magazine editors did some research to find the top ten readers' favorite covers in the entire 25 year history of the magazine, and one of my quilts made it in the top ten!!  Holy Cow!

Scattered Leaves quilt originally published in American Patchwork & Quilting October, 2009 issue
My Scattered Leaves quilt is a reader favorite.  My goodness...I am so jazzed and humbled by this.  

The quilt remains one of my all-time favorites as well.  

To have been chosen by my fellow quilters means so very much to me.  

And...I am also very, very honored to be in the company of....

Lissa Alexander
Terry Atkinson
Cindy Blackberg
Kim Diehl
Marti Michell
Mabeth Oxenreider
Bonnie Sullivan
and Amy Walsh

All designers who's work I greatly admire.  

In this special anniversary issue, you'll find the patterns for all ten of the top selling quilt cover designs as well as a Q&A from all the designers.  There's some very fun nostalgia from the first years of the magazine, and all the regular columns you love.  

I have been a subscriber to APQ since I first learned to piece back in 1997.  I have many, many issues I've saved over the years of favorite quilts and educational articles.  Not to mention I have every Quilt Sampler magazine except for the very first one!!  The magazine always strives to bring its readers a beautiful array of quilt designs for every taste, fun columns with new gadgets and notions, quilting tips from readers, and the latest books, patterns and fabrics.  There are plenty of educational how-to articles as well.  

On a personal note....I have been very fortunate to work with the staff at APQ for over a decade now.  Heidi Kaisand gave me my first break for which I owe her a great debt (and she'll hear nothing of it!), and I've been invited to the corporate offices of the magazine in Des Moines, IA several times which allowed me to meet nearly everyone who works at APQ.  You might say I am biased, but everyone will honestly agree that they are truly a great group of women...creative and talented...YES!  But also the nicest people ever!!  From the first moment you begin to work with them, that make you feel that you're a part of the APQ family.  

So.....please join me in wishing American Patchwork & Quilting magazine a very 

Happy 25th Anniversary!!

The April anniversary issue is coming in your mailbox, to your local quilt shop and newsstand very soon!  Please...make sure you get a copy of this very special issue.  You'll really enjoy it!!